Christmas party fosters tenant-staff engagement at Fairview Towers

Santa visit proves to be a big hit for children and adults alike
1/8/2018  - Deron Hamel

Santa Claus paid a visit to residents of Fairview Towers at Christmas during a party held to enhance engagement between the Kitchener apartment building’s tenants and staff members.

Father Christmas was played by Gerry Fischer, a Fairview Towers resident and the father-in-law of property manager Lisa Fischer.

Gerry, who has played Santa at other get-togethers around the Kitchener-Waterloo area for several years, had quite a few requests from party attendees – adults and children alike – to sit on his lap, Lisa notes.

More than a dozen tenants attended the party, which included pizza and drinks for everyone to enjoy earlier in the evening. Gerry played Santa after everyone had eaten.

Lisa says the event garnered excellent engagement value, adding many tenants invited their children and grandchildren to the event.

“It brought together a sense of community, and the kids were so cute and they were just so excited – it really went over well,” she says.

Lisa says the holidays and special occasions provide opportunities to bring tenants and staff members together to enjoy some fun and meet new people.

The Christmas party was the second special event Fairview Towers has hosted in recent months. In October, the apartment building hosted a Halloween get-together where children could stop by to get treats.

Over the holidays, Lisa also organized a tenant-staff get-together at Conestoga Towers, another of the Steeves & Rozema Group’s Kitchener apartment buildings, where hot beverages and doughnuts were served.

“(These events) are really good opportunities for the staff and the tenants to meet and greet,” Lisa says.

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