St. Andrew’s Terrace cook discusses her team’s award-winning pureed tacos

‘We’re ecstatic that we won because we weren’t expecting to win – we went in and just did it,’ says Shelley Hawke
11/10/2017  - Deron Hamel
St. Andrew’s Terrace cooks Shelley Hawke (left) and Charlotte Kerckhaert (right) are seen here making their pureed tacos on Oct. 19.  

When St. Andrew’s Terrace cooks Shelley Hawke and Charlotte Kerckhaert started preparing their pureed tacos for the Sysco Recipe Challenge on Oct. 19, they didn’t think they would take first prize – they were just trying to create a unique pureed meal.

But the judges liked their unique creation and gave them top honours in the contest between Steeves & Rozema long-term care home kitchens to make delicious pureed food.

The recipe Shelley and Charlotte used starts with a pureed bread that’s topped with a seasoned ground beef puree. Layers of pureed taco sauce, peppers, onions and sour cream were added with cheese sauce on the side.

The St. Andrew’s Terrace kitchen team served a taco casserole during the home’s Cinco de Mayo party in May, and Shelley and Charlotte used the casserole as the basis for the idea for the pureed tacos.

“We didn’t want to do something that we serve often, like turkey, mashed potatoes and veg; we wanted to do something different,” Shelley tells S&R Today.

Shelley says there was no extensive planning involved in creating the recipe – she and Charlotte played around with a few ideas, including a pizza casserole, before settling on the pureed tacos.

“Everything kind of came together at the last minute,” she says. “We’re ecstatic that we won because we weren’t expecting to win – we went in and just did it.”

The contest was sponsored by Sysco, a Steeves & Rozema corporate food supplier. The contest was held in Woodstock, Ont., at Sysco’s test kitchen. The day featured an educational session focused on pureed food that was followed by the contest.

St. Andrew’s Terrace team members will receive a $75 pizza lunch and dietary team members received a $25 gift card to share for taking first place.

Team members from another Steeves & Rozema long-term care community, Westmount Gardens, took second-place honours for their pureed shepherd’s pie. The Westmount Gardens team received a $25 Tim Hortons gift card as their prize.

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