Fairview Towers hosts first Halloween in years, much to residents delight

About 20 Residents pitch in to buy candy for trick-or-treaters
11/8/2017  - Deron Hamel
Pictured above, scenes from Fairview Towers’ Halloween night.  

Halloween proved to be the perfect opportunity for Fairview Towers to show its commitment to the Steeves & Rozema Group’s mission of “creating communities that are good for life.”

For the first Halloween in about seven years, the Kitchener, Ont., apartment block hosted trick-or-treating for children. About 20 residents donated money to buy the candy, says Lisa Fischer, the property administrator at Fairview Towers.

“We haven’t had any kids living in the building for a long, long time, and now we have a few, so we decided to do trick-or-treating in the lobby,” Lisa tells S&R Today.

About 12 children in costumes stopped by for candy, she adds.

Lisa’s son, James, who also works at Fairview Towers, and her daughter, Alisha, dressed up in costumes to hand out sweets to the children. James dressed as a pirate; Alisha wore a witch costume.

Lisa notes that the event was entertaining for residents.

“Some of the residents also came down to the lobby to watch the kids trick-or-treat – they got a kick out of that,” Lisa says.

And of course, the event lived up to the S&R mission.

“It does really show a sense of community,” Lisa says.

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