Village on the Thames residents enjoy one last summer outing

Annual KFC picnic made possible through valuable community partnership
10/11/2017  - Deron Hamel
Village on the Thames residents are seen here enjoying the annual KFC picnic on Sept. 15.  

Village on the Thames residents were treated to an annual end-of-summer tradition at the Chatham-Kent seniors-living community when they spent a day enjoying outdoor entertainment and buckets of KFC chicken.

The “KFC picnic,” as it has come to be known, was held Sept. 15. The event was made possible through a community partnership Village on the Thames has with the Rotary Club of Chatham. The Rotary Club sponsors the bus ride and puts $100 towards the cost of the food.

The event is traditionally held at Cathcart Park, in Sombra, Ont., which is about 50 kilometres from Chatham-Kent, on the banks of the St. Clair River. But in the past few years residents and staff members have decided to go to different venues. This year they chose to go to a nearby park for the event.

While the event is usually held in August, the team decided to host it in September this year. Fortunately, Mother Nature was kind enough to provide warm, pleasant weather that day.

As with each KFC picnic, there is entertainment provided for the day. Entertainer Ralph Garlick performed for an hour while residents enjoyed their lunch.

On the way home, the bus stopped at a local McDonald’s for ice-cream cones.

The purpose of the event is to provide residents with one last outdoor summer outing.

Tina Drew, the fun co-ordinator at Village on the Thames, underscores the importance of the partnership the seniors-living community has with the Rotary Club. Rotarians, she notes, also drop off the cards for Village on the Thames’ Tuesday bingos.

“It’s just amazing that they offer this (support) for our residents,” Tina says.

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