Staff from 3 S&R apartment buildings treated to pool party in Kitchener

Celebrating hard work with fun helps create community
8/4/2017  - Deron Hamel

There are many ways Steeves & Rozema’s mission of “creating communities that are good for life” can be found within the organization, and celebrating people’s hard work is one of them, says Lisa Fischer.

With this in mind, Lisa, the property administrator for three S&R apartment buildings in Guelph and Kitchener – Fairview Towers, Conestoga Towers and Park Mall – organized a staff-appreciation party on July 18 at Conestoga Towers, at 221 Queen St., in Kitchener.

The Tuesday-afternoon event included a barbecue and a pool party that attracted about 20 staff members and contractors from the three properties.

Conestoga Towers’ pool was reserved for staff members from noon to 4 p.m. so the team could enjoy some fun in the water.

Lisa says it was important to host the event on a weekday, during normal work hours. Not all of the staff members at Conestoga Towers live in the building and, typically, when people leave work for the day they want to go home, Lisa says.

“We did this to let everyone know they’re appreciated and also to be able to enjoy themselves,” she tells S&R Today.

“All day long they’re working, so they don’t use the pool, but they certainly put a lot of effort into maintaining it all year round so the residents can enjoy the pool. …

“By having the party during the week, they can enjoy the pool, and who wants to come back on the weekend? They got to relax for a few hours in the afternoon and enjoy themselves, and they loved it, they all had such a good time.”

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