Heron Terrace residents are giving 'board meetings' a new meaning

Residents are organizing their own board games and card matches
3/27/2024  - Deron Hamel

Who doesn't love playing a board game or a few hands of cards? Or maybe a game of chess or dominoes?

At Heron Terrace, residents enjoy friendly matches with each other and their family members so much they are often organizing their own games.

And they're having a great time doing this, says Sheila dela Pena-Romero, the Windsor, Ont. long-term care community's life enrichment manager.

Sheila notes how two residents, Mario and Nikola, can be found playing chess two to three times a week in the Heron Terrace cafe.

Two other residents, Maggie and Alex, enjoy playing dominoes. In fact, these two residents have attracted a following during their many matches and have taught other residents to play the game on the large card table in the cafe, Sheila says.

Then there's a resident couple, Mr. and Mrs. Fauteux, who have family members who regularly visit and play euchre with them in the cafe.

To keep the areas where residents play these games safe, Sheila says environmental services team members increase disinfection protocols after residents play board games and card matches by sanitizing tables and equipment.

“Despite the additional infection control measures that need to be put in place, the residents of Heron Terrace are still able to have a fun time with their friends and family members by playing their favourite card and or board games,” she says.

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