Lanark Village residents and staff spend a day celebrating the Wild West

'Age is just a number, and you are never too old to act silly and have fun'
3/25/2024  - Deron Hamel

Lanark Village residents and team members shared lots of laughs and fun recently when they participated in a day-long event celebrating the Wild West.

During Western Day, everyone was encouraged to dress in their favourite cowboy and cowgirl costumes and enjoy a day that included watching Western movies and participating in what organizers dub “the big event,” a game they created called Lasso the Unicorn.

Playing Lasso the Unicorn proved to be everyone's favourite part of the day, says Lisa Irwin, Lanark Village's fun co-ordinator.

The game involved residents and team members trying to rope a stuffed pink unicorn (that a team member's daughter loaned the Village) with a lasso made from a piece of rope fastened to a hula hoop.

Everyone captured the unicorn at least once, and one resident successfully lassoed the unicorn the first try every time it was her turn, Lisa notes.

The laughter echoing in the activity room was contagious, says Bradley Lukas, Lanark Village's executive director.

“There was lots of laughter during this activity,” he says.

Lisa says what was most encouraging during Western Day was the high level of engagement the event received from residents and team members.

“Age is just a number, and you are never too old to act silly and have fun,” she says.

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