Disney's magic touches down at Trillium Villa

Residents treated to a Disney-themed day which brought smiles and lots of reminiscing
9/13/2023  - Deron Hamel

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Shrek could been seen throughout Trillium Villa in mid-August when the Sarnia long-term care community hosted a Disney-themed week for residents.

Seeing all the famous Disney characters brought smiles to residents' faces and sparked lots of reminiscing throughout the week, says Lauren FitzGerald, Trillium Villa's life enrichment manager.

“Trillium Villa team members, residents and family dressed in Disney costumes and accessories to bring the magic of Disney to Trillium Villa,” Lauren tells S&R Today.

The Villa was decorated with Mickey Mouse heads and Disney movie posters from all eras, and there was even a special photo booth set up where residents could have their pictures taken with a Magic Kingdom backdrop.

The theme day was spearheaded by life enrichment team member Tammy Longe, who engaged residents to help create and hang decorations throughout the home.

“She always works so hard to bring our theme days to life,” Lauren says of Tammy.

The week included Disney-themed programs such as a baking activity, where everyone made Rice Krispies treats shaped into Mickey Mouse heads; a Disney colouring cafe; a Disney name-that-tune activity and a Disney paint night.

A theme day included an intergenerational Disney story time with children from a local daycare who came by wearing Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears.

There was also a “Bippity Boppity Brew” residents' council fundraiser where staff, residents and family members were invited to purchase coffee and cookies to support the council.

Two residents, Mary and Shaun Baldwin, dressed as Shrek and Fiona and helped run the cafe.

“They are two very active members of our residents' council and work closely with the life enrichment team to come up with new and exciting opportunities for our residents,” Lauren says.

The event was a “huge success,” Lauren adds.

“We could really feel the magic of Disney in our home.”

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