Westmount team turns activity room into a fish-and-chip shop

This proved to be the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a meal from Archie's Fish and Chips
11/21/2022  - Deron Hamel

Westmount Gardens team members recently decorated the activity room with a restaurant vibe so residents could enjoy a “lunch outing” without leaving the comfort of the London, Ont. long-term care community.

In an effort to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, residents have not been going to restaurants for meals as they once did, and they're missing that experience, says Westmount Gardens life enrichment manager Adnan Resh.

To make up for that, team members have been creating monthly programs where food is ordered in from nearby restaurants and residents dine in a setting that has a restaurant atmosphere, he adds.

Most recently, residents were treated to a meal from one of their favourite restaurants, Archie's Fish and Chips.

Life enrichment workers Cheryl Dwyer and Donn Nesseth decorated the activity room with a motif reminiscent of a fish-and-chip shop, complete with seashells as table centrepieces and fish-themed placemats.

Cheryl and Donn, who were the hosts for the day, dubbed the eating area the “WG Fish House”.

“I would like to send out a big thank-you to our wonderful hosts Cheryl and Donn this month for putting on a great show for our residents,” Adnan says.

“Residents have always enjoyed Archie's, and it never fails to please.”

The Westmount Gardens life enrichment team launched this program in 2021 and it has been a big hit with residents, Adnan says.

What makes the program special, he adds, is that residents feel like they're entering a restaurant when they enter the activity room. They enjoy the food, they enjoy the company, and they appreciate the work team members do to make it happen.

“There's just a sense of achievement when (we can) bring a meal like this into the home, since we aren't able to go out and eat,” Adnan says.

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