Two Afton Park RPNs create ‘survival kits’ to show support for colleagues

Samantha Corriveau and Cassidy Wilde made small care packages to ‘celebrate the team’s endurance during the pandemic’
1/10/2022  - Deron Hamel
Afton Park team members pose with their Wild West survival kits in December.  

Two registered practical nurses (RPNs) at Afton Park Place recently came up with a creative way to honour their colleagues at the Sarnia long-term care community for their hard work and dedication to residents during the past year.

Samantha Corriveau and Cassidy Wilde wanted to do something special to thank their co-workers for their work keeping everyone safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so they created what they call “Wild West survival kits.”

The “survival kits” contained sweets and other items for their co-workers in the West Stonehaven neighbourhood at Afton Park to enjoy.

Each type of candy and every item had a special meaning:

There were Life Savers to remind them of how they keep people safe.

A pack of Starburst to serve as “that burst of energy you’ll need.”

Hershey Kisses “because you deserve them all.”

A peppermint patty “to help keep your cool.”

A Snickers bar as a reminder that laughter is the best medicine.

In addition to the candy, team members also found elastic bands to remind them of the importance of being “flexible” and a paperclip to help them “hold it all together.”

Afton Park Place resident care co-ordinator Renata Rabideau says the initiative Samantha and Cassidy put forth in mid-December was successful at team building at the end of what has been another busy year for everyone.

“They put together (these) packages to identify and celebrate the team’s endurance during the pandemic,” she says.

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