Landmark Village brings back fond summertime memories with in-house ice cream truck

‘It was a very successful afternoon and we plan to do similar sweet-treat afternoons in the future’
9/13/2021  - Deron Hamel

Who doesn’t have fond memories of strolling up to an ice cream truck on a warm summer afternoon and asking for a cone?

Well, Landmark Village team members recently created their own ice cream truck to bring back those childhood memories for residents of the Sarnia seniors living community.

On the warm afternoon of Aug. 18, team members created a cardboard cutout of an ice cream truck that included a window for residents to queue up to and order an ice cream cone.

There was even a bell they rang to bring in the customers.

Throughout the afternoon, residents were served a variety of ice cream flavours that included mint-chocolate chip, cookies and cream, heavenly hash, and pralines and cream.

Residents could enjoy their ice cream in a waffle cone, waffle bowl or sugar cone, and there was a variety of toppings they could add as well.

The hands-down favourite was pralines and cream served in a waffle cone, says Landmark Village fun co-ordinator Brent Hart.

The warm, sunny weather added to the enjoyment of the day, he adds.

“The weather was nice so many residents enjoyed their ice cream outside on the patio,” Brent tells S&R Today, adding that several of the residents’ visiting family members also enjoyed a cone.

“It was a very successful afternoon and we plan to do similar sweet-treat afternoons in the future.”

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