Classic Leafs-Habs rivalry comes to Rosewood Village

Two hockey fans place fun wager during white-knuckle playoff series
6/9/2021  - Deron Hamel
Rosewood Village’s Karyne Legault and Clarence Sweeney are pictured here donning Montreal Canadiens jerseys.  

It’s arguably the oldest, fiercest rivalry in professional sports – the Toronto Maple Leafs versus the Montreal Canadiens – and it recently spilled over to Rosewood Village, resulting in a good bit of fun.

When the first round of the NHL North Division playoffs featured a series that saw the Leafs and Habs play each other, the banter over whose hockey team was best began between executive director Karyne Legault and maintenance manager Clarence Sweeney.

Karyne cheers for the Montreal Canadiens, and Clarence is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Throughout the first round of the playoffs, the two were going back and forth about who was going to win. The best-of-seven series came down to the wire on May 31.

With the series tied 3-3 and the winner advancing to take on the Winnipeg Jets in Round 2 of the North Division playoffs, Bev James tasked the pair to make a bet over who would win.

The wager?

The fan whose team lost would have to wear the other team’s jersey to work for a day.

The Habs downed the Leafs 3-1 to advance to the second round, and Clarence made good on his end of the bargain, showing up to work wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey.

But Bev says Clarence wasn’t going to give in too easy. A Leafs fan to the core, he decided to go to work incognito.

“Clarence came into work and said he didn’t want to be seen with a (Canadiens’ jersey), so he put some green hair on so no one could see him wearing (a Canadiens jersey),” she says.

“But it was all good fun, and the residents really enjoyed it because they like hockey too.”

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