Westmount team members receive gift bags to remind them of their ‘heroic’ work

Anonymous community member wanted staff to know people in the community appreciate their hard work
5/3/2021  - Deron Hamel
Westmount Gardens team members are pictured here with gift bags they recently received from an anonymous donor.  

Recently, Westmount Gardens front-line workers received gift bags from an anonymous friend of one of the London, Ont. long-term care home’s team members to let them know their “heroic” work is appreciated in the community.

After the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, there was an outpour of recognition from the community towards those working across the health-care sector.

Across the country, people could be heard banging pots and pans from the windows of their homes at 7 p.m. every evening to show their support for health-care workers, and long-term care homes and hospitals were regularly receiving complimentary meals and snacks.

As will happen with time, the 7 p.m. salutes calmed and fewer meals and snacks were being sent to health-care workers.

But the pandemic continues and health-care workers are still giving their all to keep the people they care for safe from the virus.

The gift bags Westmount Gardens team members received included sparkling water, tea, Starbucks coffee, energy bars and chocolates.

On the outside of each gift bag was a note that read, in part: “It’s been a long haul and there is more to go. You don’t need to be reminded of that. But perhaps you need to be reminded that your actions are heroic and very much appreciated.”

While there were not enough gift bags to give to all team members, “the staff who received them were very appreciative,” says Westmount Gardens life enrichment manager Deb Lines.

“(The person who made the donations) wanted to ensure that the staff knew they were still being remembered and being thought of, as front-line workers are now over a year into the pandemic,” she tells S&R Today.

“It was a really nice gesture of kindness. For someone to do this independently was a really nice, kind thing to do.”

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