S&R home office team members were ‘Santa and his elves’ at Trillium Villa

Team members personally dropped off gifts for staff members’ children and grandchildren just before Christmas
2/19/2021  - Deron Hamel

On Dec. 17, team members from the Steeves & Rozema Group’s head office went to Trillium Villa Nursing Home to drop off presents for the children and grandchildren of the Sarnia long-term care community’s staff.

The home office team members – Marci Breault, Shauntelle Sandrin and Rosemary Hay – arrived in the Trillium Villa parking lot in an S&R bus loaded with presents.

“We played Santa and his elves that day,” Marci tells S&R Today.

Staff members working at all Steeves & Rozema residences received presents to give their children and grandchildren at Christmas.

Before the holiday season, Steeves & Rozema sent a notice to all team members that they would provide a present to their children and grandchildren 12 years old and younger. The children and grandchildren of S&R team members got to choose the gift they wanted.

The home office team wore Santa hats for the occasion, and Trillium Villa team members, observing social distancing protocols, came outside between their shifts to pick up the wrapped presents.

There were more than 100 gifts for the children and grandchildren of Trillium Villa team members.

“It is a busy time of year and everyone was so busy with everything, and we just wanted to do something to help them,” Marci says.

“We wanted to show the staff that we care and that we appreciate them so much (and that) Christmas wasn’t cancelled.”

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