Bingo returns to Village on the Thames, thanks to two team members’ initiative

Tuela Lawson and Brenda Shaw are applauded for stepping in to fill a gap in programming
9/11/2020  - Deron Hamel
Village on the Thames team members Tuela Lawson and Brenda Shaw recently brought bingo back to residents.  

Village on the Thames resident services manager Tina Drew is commending two of the Chatham-Kent seniors living community’s team members for using their initiative to bring bingo back to residents.

The Village on the Thames is momentarily without an activities director. This, along with restrictions on large-group programming in effect due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, has resulted in less programming for residents.

However, Tuela Lawson, who works in the housekeeping department, and Brenda Shaw, who works in the laundry department, came up with the idea to take time out of their day to host bingos for residents recently.

Knowing the game is a favourite activity for Village on the Thames’ residents, Tuela and Brenda wanted to run bingos to keep the morale high and bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

“They asked if they could throw a bingo (on Sept. 2 and Sept. 3), so that’s what they did,” Tina tells S&R Today.

“They wanted to give the residents something to do, and that’s the number 1 thing around here – the residents love their bingos.”

Tina, who formerly worked as the Village on the Thames’ fun co-ordinator, was asked by Tuela and Brenda to make the announcement to residents during mealtimes that bingo would be starting up again.

The bingos went over very well.

“The residents were very grateful (because) they like to play (bingo) every day,” Tina says.

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