Rosewood celebrates resident’s 100th birthday; family says thank you by donating an iPad

Lillian Price was treated to a parade on her special day
7/27/2020  - Deron Hamel
Rosewood Village resident Lillian Price holds the iPad her family donated while enjoying a Zoom call with daughter Janet.  

The family of Rosewood Village resident Lillian Price was so happy with the way team members helped Lillian celebrate her 100th birthday they donated an iPad to the Sarnia seniors living community.

Lillian turned 100 in May and the Rosewood Village team organized a parade of cars to drive by the residence to honour Lillian on her special day.

Due to restrictions in place during the global COVID-19 pandemic, indoor visitation and parties were not permitted, but the Rosewood Village team wanted to make sure Lillian and her family had a memorable day.

The event was a success and “Lillian had the time of her life,” Jenica Tanguay, Rosewood Village’s executive director, tells S&R Today.

Lillian’s family members were so grateful to the Rosewood team for the hard work that was put into organizing the parade that Lillian’s son, Russell Price, donated an iPad to Rosewood shortly after.

Residents have been using the iPad for their virtual visits on Zoom with their families during the pandemic, Jenica says.

“They are absolutely loving having the iPad to connect with their loved ones in such a convenient way; they can enjoy their visits at any location within the building or even on the patio,” she says.

The iPad will also be used in the activity department so residents can play games or read books and magazines, Jenica adds.

“We are so thankful for this wonderful donation,” Jenica says.

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