Nursing rehab program has helped Heron Terrace resident move his legs again, 13 months after fall

Jeff Jenkins says he plans to continue working with the nursing rehab team and physio assistants. His next goal is to stand
3/23/2020  - Deron Hamel
Heron Terrace resident Jeff Jenkins and nursing rehab co-ordinator Danielle Baillargeon working together on March 10.  

Heron Terrace resident Jeff Jenkins is moving his legs again, thanks to his hard work and a collaborative effort among team members involved with the Windsor long-term care community’s nursing rehabilitation program.

Jeff sustained a fall 13 months ago which caused an injury resulting in him losing movement in one leg. Because he was no longer able to bear weight, Jeff required a mechanical lift.

Jeff was placed in the active range of motion and transfer training program with the nursing rehabilitation team and physiotherapy assistants.

With the help of the nursing rehabilitation team and the physiotherapy assistants, Jeff began doing arm raises and heel raises to build his range-of-motion flexibility and increase his endurance.

A major goal for Jeff was to be able to lean forward out of his wheelchair, explains Heron Terrace nursing rehabilitation co-ordinator Danielle Baillargeon.

In one exercise, Jeff would grasp his wheelchair’s armrests and he would lean forward, with team members helping him keep his core straight.

They also practised leg extensions and used TheraBands – a type of resistant band used for stretching – to increase arm and upper body strength.

By February, Jeff was been able to move both of his legs again. He has increased his upper body strength and can now lean forward in his chair more easily.

Asked about his progress in a March 10 interview with S&R Today, Jeff says his participation in Heron Terrace’s nursing rehabilitation program is helping improve his quality of life. He also says he plans to continue his involvement with the program.

“It feels good; I can move my arms and legs, (but) it’s going to take more work,” he says, adding the next goal in his recovery journey is to stand.

Heron Terrace’s nursing rehabilitation program is aimed at maximizing residents’ potential. Residents in the program set their own goals and team members help them carry their plans through.

Danielle says one of the nursing rehabilitation program’s greatest strengths is its ability to tap into the know-how of the nursing rehabilitation team, the physiotherapy team and people working in other departments to create positive outcomes for residents.

“It’s a team approach that really helps this program succeed,” Danielle says.

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