S&R LTC communities launch innovative way for residents, families to complete surveys

Questionnaires completed at iPad stands will help S&R continuously enhance residents’ experience
2/7/2020  - Deron Hamel

The Steeves & Rozema Group has added iPad stands in its seven long-term care communities where residents and their loved ones can complete surveys to help provide the organization with feedback that will help enhance quality improvement.

Every year Steeves & Rozema conducts surveys in its long-term care communities. The hope is that these new, innovative stations will encourage more people to complete questionnaires, says S&R long-term care administrative co-ordinator Alicia Reny.

“This is something new, so people might feel more engaged and more excited about (filling out a survey), and the stands are easy to use for families and residents,” Alicia says.

The surveys ask questions about all aspects of care provided to residents in the long-term care communities to help ensure residents’ needs are being met in a satisfactory manner. This includes personal care, food service, housekeeping and programming.

By providing feedback, residents and their family members are helping Steeves & Rozema ensure that its long-term care communities are continuously striving to enhance residents’ experience and raising the bar, Alicia says.

“This is important because we want to know that we are on track with how we are running our homes; the residents’ feedback is everything to us because it gives us a clear understanding of their expectations about how they want to live in their home,” Alicia says.

Residents and their family members have until Feb. 11 to complete surveys.

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