Rosewood Village veteran proudly attends Remembrance Day service in Sarnia

John Mills, 96, never misses the annual ceremony at the Sarnia Cenotaph
12/2/2019  - Deron Hamel
Rosewood Village resident John Mills is pictured here with his friend Dawn MacDonald on Remembrance Day.  

Rosewood Village resident and Second World War veteran John Mills is proud of his service to his country and never misses the annual Remembrance Day ceremony held at the Sarnia Cenotaph.

This past Remembrance Day was no exception for 96-year-old John, who served overseas for six years.

As he does every Remembrance Day, John got dressed in his uniform, which is proudly adorned with medals from his service, and went to this year’s ceremony at Veterans Park.

John is always accompanied to the service by Dawn MacDonald, a friend who lived across the street from him before he moved into Rosewood Village three years ago.

“It was a cold, miserable day this year, but he goes, rain or shine, every year,” Bev tells S&R Today.

“He is very proud to have served.”

On Remembrance Day, the team members at the Sarnia seniors living community thanked John for his service to Canadians.

As always, John was humble.

“He said he didn’t understand why we were thanking him because he thought it was just something that he had to do, and he did it proudly,” Bev says.

Bev also salutes John’s friend Dawn for taking him to the Remembrance Day ceremony every year, and for the support she and her husband provide.

“(Dawn) takes him to appointments and (she and her husband) do everything they can for him, which is quite nice,” she says.

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