S&R showing support for Cdn overseas troops through Operation Christmas Cheer

250 signed Christmas cards are being sent to soldiers for the holidays
11/8/2019  - Deron Hamel
Pictured above, S&R is sending 250 signed Christmas cards to Canadian troops serving overseas as part of Operation Christmas Cheer.  

The Steeves & Rozema Group and several of its senior living residences are showing that their commitment to “creating communities that are good for life” extends to Canadian troops serving overseas.

Steeves & Rozema head office, along with four of its Sarnia senior living communities, Rosewood Village, Village on the St. Clair, Twin Lakes Village and Landmark Village, participated in Operation Christmas Cheer, an initiative organized by Haines Frontier Printing in Sarnia every year.

Recently, Steeves & Rozema marketing co-ordinator Caryn Taylor dropped off 250 signed Christmas cards that will be delivered by the 1st Hussars Association of Sarnia to Canadian soldiers stationed in the Kuwait, Latvia and other locations.

Every October, Haines prints approximately 7,500 cards ahead of the Christmas season and hands them out free of charge to local companies, organizations and schools.

Participants write a Christmas sentiment in the cards, seal them and return the signed cards to Haines. The printing company then sends them to the 1st Hussars for distribution.

“The cards are distributed to the troops in December to bring cheer from home and show that someone cares,” Caryn tells S&R Today.

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