Waterloo Heights team makes a donation that’s ‘for the birds’

Team members donate money for a new birdbath as well as make a contribution to the Humane Society
11/4/2019  - Deron Hamel
Pictured above is the birdbath the Waterloo Heights team bought this summer.  

For the past three months, Waterloo Heights residents have been able to enjoy watching birds drink from a birdbath that was installed at the senior living apartment block, thanks to a donation from team members.

Earlier this year, the Waterloo Heights team and the residents’ council each received $500 from the Steeves & Rozema Group to thank everyone for their patience while maintenance was performed on the building’s elevator system from October to November of last year.

Team members decided as a group to take a vote on how to spend their $500, says activity co-director Jacqui Reid.

Many ideas were discussed, including donating the money to charities or having a staff pizza party.

In the end, the team decided to donate $300 to the Kitchener Waterloo Human Society and spend $200 on a birdbath for the yard.

Getting a birdbath was a natural choice, since many people living at Waterloo Heights enjoy watching the birds that come into the yard to eat at the feeders, Jacqui says.

The money donated to the Kitchener Waterloo Human Society will also be well spent.

According to the society’s website, donations made to the charity help support its programs and services.

“Our goal is to find every adoptable pet a loving, lasting home,” the website says.

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