Heron Heroes pledge another year of support for toddler who received heart transplant

Fundraisers for 2-year-old Logan and his family have already brought in thousands of dollars
7/8/2019  - Deron Hamel
The Heron Heroes are continuing their support for 2-year-old Logan, pictured above, during the next year.  

The Heron Heroes have decided to dedicate another year to raising money in support of two-year-old heart transplant recipient Logan and his family.

The Heroes, a group of Heron Terrace team members that hosts fundraisers to support local causes, launched a yearlong campaign in June 2018 to support the family of the toddler, who was going back and forth between Windsor and Toronto for treatment.

Logan’s grandmother is friends with a team member at the Windsor long-term care community, and this is how the Heron Heroes heard about the child’s story.

While Logan has received his heart transplant, he is still receiving treatment. When it came time to decide how to focus the 2019 campaign, the Heroes chose to continue their support for Logan throughout the next year, says personal support worker and Heron Heroes organizer Kim Deslippe.

“What we have ultimately decided to do as a group, because Logan is still in a situation, is to stick with him for another year; we are going to keep going,” Kim tells S&R Today.

The Heron Heroes have hosted a myriad of fundraisers to support Logan and his family since 2018. Most recently, the Heroes hosted a second birthday party in Logan’s honour on May 18. Another Steeves & Rozema long-term care community, Lanark Heights in Kitchener, also held a fundraising birthday party that day.

The Heron Heroes have also organized a bottle drive that received support from Southgate Village, a Steeves & Rozema senior living community in Kingsville, along with a fundraising diner-themed event in March, a Christmas gala in December, a hoodie sale in October and a yard sale in August.

The Heroes’ efforts have raised thousands of dollars so far.

Kim says she and the other Heron Heroes are looking forward to another year of making a difference for Logan and his family.

“We are doing our regular yard sale in August, that will be the first (fundraiser), and we did his birthday party in May which was a huge success,” she says.

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