Team member gets Holly the Cat ready for Easter at Village on the Thames

Monica Hall dresses decorative cat up for every holiday, much to residents’ delight
4/17/2019  - Deron Hamel

Holly the Cat is decked out in pink bunny ears and booties to mark the upcoming Easter holiday at the Village on the Thames, thanks to health-care aide Monica Hall’s creativity.

The cat, which sits in the Chatham-Kent senior living community’s upstairs dining room, is named “Holly” because Monica dresses it up every holiday season with festive gear for residents’ amusement.

Monica started doing this last year at Halloween (Holly is a black cat, after all), and Holly has since had a reveler’s costume to mark new year’s day, a pink sweater adorned with hearts for Valentine’s Day and a leprechaun outfit for St. Patrick’s Day.

“It started out (at Halloween) and then Monica thought, ‘hey, I’ll dress it up for all the holidays,’ ” Village on the Thames fun co-ordinator Tina Drew tells S&R Today.

“Monica is very good with crafts,” Tina adds.

Tina says the effort Monica puts into dressing Holly up for special occasions is appreciated by residents.

“The residents always look forward to seeing what’s next for Holly,” she says

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