Southgate Village, local mother-and-child group create activity day that was ‘a win-win all around’

The event went so well there are plans to make the program a monthly event
11/7/2018  - Deron Hamel

Southgate Village and a local group of mothers and their young children recently partnered to host an activity for the toddlers and the Kingsville seniors living community’s residents. The event went so well that Southgate Village and KEYS EarlyON are planning to form a long-term collaboration.

KEYS EarlyON contacted Southgate Village fun co-ordinator Susan Davis looking for opportunities to engage their children with seniors, largely because many of the children don’t have grandparents or great-grandparents in the area.

“They want the children to have the experience of being with seniors, so this is a good opportunity, and many of the residents either have grandchildren who are fully grown or great-grandchildren who are not living in the area, so it’s a win-win all around,” Susan says. 

It was decided that the children and residents would spend the day working on crafts together. The residents and children gathered in the TV room and everyone “really enjoyed the day,” Susan says.

Susan notes that resident Don Parsons, a retired school teacher, particularly enjoyed the experience the day offered.

“It really made his day,” Susan says.

The event went so well that Susan asked the group to return in November and December, and plans are now in the works to offer the program monthly. In fact, in December the idea is to have the residents and children bake gingerbread cookies, and then the children will receive a visit from Santa Claus.

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