Pig roast attracts 140 residents and guests to Waterloo Heights

Stellar team of volunteers help make the event possible
9/10/2018  - Deron Hamel
Waterloo Heights team members donned pig-themed shirts and hats in the spirit the apartment block’s Aug. 17 barbecue.  

The Waterloo Heights Aug. 17 pig roast was an opportunity to build on the family-like environment the Waterloo, Ont. seniors apartment block is known for by offering an evening of fun and good food.

About 140 residents, family members and friends attended the barbecue. The event’s centrepiece was a 100-pound pig. In the spirit of the day, some team members dressed up in pig T-shirts and wore pig hats. Office manager Anna Marie Crawford donated pig decorations that were on display.

One of the organizers, activity co-director Jacqui Reid, says team members and volunteers worked well together to ensure residents and their guests enjoyed the pig roast.

“We also had a big team of volunteers,” she tells S&R Today. “A lot of staff members volunteered, and they all worked very, very well together. Everyone had assigned jobs, and we had a few floaters, so everyone found their flow and it went very well.”

Jacqui notes that several team members came in on their own time to help make sure the event was a success. There were also regular volunteers who came in to help out, she adds.

The highlight of the pig roast was simply seeing how much residents and their guests enjoyed themselves, Jacqui says.

“It’s a fun event where we can spend some time with the residents, talk with them, and eat good food as well. Food, of course, is a great incentive for a lot of people to come out.”

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