Lanark Village, Lanark Heights’ residents treated to special performance from German visitors

S&R executive assistant Ingrid Hook’s cousin, Erwin Danker, performed traditional German songs that moved residents
7/9/2018  - Deron Hamel
Erwin Danker is pictured here performing traditional German songs at Lanark Village on June 15.  

When relatives of Steeves & Rozema executive assistant Ingrid Hook recently visited Canada from Zittau, Germany, Ingrid came up with the great idea to introduce them to the folks at Lanark Village and Lanark Heights in Kitchener.

Many residents of the adjoining seniors living and long-term care communities are of German heritage, and it so happens that Ingrid’s cousin, Erwin Danker, and his wife, Petra, also work in the long-term care sector.

Erwin and Petra were curious to see what seniors living and long-term care communities in Canada were like, and they also wanted to meet residents. There was an added benefit to the Dankers’ visit: Erwin, who works as an activity director, is a talented musician who performed traditional German folk songs on a keyboard and accordion for residents.

In fact, Lanark Village residents were excited about the Dankers’ visit before they arrived on June 15, notes fun co-ordinator Kyla Pfister.

Residents, she says, were told of the couple’s visit during one of Lanark Village’s weekly kaffeeklatsches. A kaffeeklatsch is a traditional German social gathering over coffee.

“Some of the residents were very emotional and loved hearing the traditional music,” Kyla tells S&R Today.

The performance was particularly emotional for one gentleman, says Ingrid, who accompanied Erwin and Petra to Kitchener.

“(The resident) was very emotional; it brought him to tears,” Ingrid says.

Kyla says residents enjoyed Erwin’s performance so much, many are still talking about it.

“They were very appreciative of the visit, and were still talking about it at the kaffeeklatsch this week,” she says.

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