Rosewood Village resident gets the birthday celebration he didn’t want – and loves it

Everyone wanted to do something to help George Gough celebrate turning 102
4/16/2018  - Deron Hamel
Resident George Gough holds Rosewood Village’s “birthday bear” during his 102nd birthday celebration.  

Rosewood Village resident George Gough didn’t want any fuss made over his 102nd birthday on April 4, but his family and the staff at the Sarnia seniors living community still wanted to celebrate the occasion, so a small celebration was organized.

Initially, George’s family told everyone at Rosewood Village that George didn’t want to have a party, but after talking it over with the team, his family decided his birthday needed to be celebrated in some way.

On the morning of April 4, at breakfast, residents and staff members surprised George by singing Happy Birthday to him.

George loved this and was happy everyone was thinking of him on his special day, says Rosewood Village executive director Jill Bruton. He happily put on a birthday hat as well, Jill adds.

“George was really happy; I wasn’t sure how he would react, but he was smiling and laughing with his table mates,” Jill says, adding Rosewood has a “birthday bear” that sings to people on their birthday, and George let the stuffed animal sing for him.

In the afternoon, George’s family members stopped by Rosewood Village to spend time with him.

George is a newer resident at Rosewood Village who is much-loved, Jill says, adding he’s a big hockey fan.

“George is a really good guy,” she says. “He likes hockey – he really likes the Sarnia Sting (hockey club) and always listens to their games on the radio.”

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