Corporate History

Steeves & Rozema (S&R) Enterprises Limited, the parent corporation, was created in 1963, by founders Don Steeves and John Rozema. S&R is a partnership of over 50 years, which has it roots in construction and general contracting.

The partners retired from the operations of the company in 1997, but still monitor its performance and advise on its growth to ensure that its vision and direction is in keeping with its long standing success.  To remain at the forefront of the industry S&R developed a new corporate governance structure to ensure quality, growth and integrity of its operations. 


Future Direction

The mandate for the company is to continue its growth as a real estate organization, and strengthen its position as an industry leader in each area of specialty. This transition toward a more formal structure brings a renewed focus and confidence. The corporate head office has grown to include many progressive positions to enhance its support to the managers and staff of its facilities and to provide an even higher level of care and services. The past has seen a significant investment in formal quality control, communication and empowerment strategies for the entire corporation, establishing a solid foundation for growth.

The focus of our company has been to establish an expertise in the full range of real estate services. The eclectic growth pattern has positioned Steeves and Rozema as an industry leader in multi-level care.

Our history is one of a pioneering spirit in developing responsive living environments with a difference, whether that involved operating a retirement home, apartment community, and nursing home or condominium development. Our mandate is to make S&R facilities the best places to live and the best places to work.

The corporate structure provides the skill and personnel to ensure industry best practices. Yet, the partnership atmosphere that still permeates through every aspect of the organization provides the compassion.

Don Steeves & John Rozema,