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At S&R Management Services, we take a unique approach to seniors’ home management. With the Steeves & Rozema commitment to ‘enhancing the quality of life in our communities’ as our underpinning principle, we believe that successful seniors’ residence management starts from the inside - with its residents.  

That means providing personalized, resident-centered care designed around an individual’s particular needs and life practices. This enables residents to maintain their independence, identity and dignity.  

Of course, we understand the importance of bottom line performance, and seeing a solid return on your investment. But it is only by ensuring that your residents are living enriched, comfortable lives that your business will enjoy solid financial footing and see profitable growth.

Effective operational management is critical to meeting the continually increasing expectations from consumers, staff and multiple levels of government. We understand the stringent industry and government requirements, and possess the know-how to meet them, all the while managing your facility to address resident needs and stay on financial target.  

Backed by four decades of experience in caring for seniors, S&R Management Services has the infrastructure to provide services in virtually all aspects of managing seniors’ facilities – whether it’s for a profit or non-profit operation. Our complete operational management program uses proven policies and procedures to address areas such as:

  • Occupancy levels

  • Resident needs

  • Human resources and payroll

  • Marketing

  • Building maintenance

  • Accounting

  • Dietary services

  • And more

Or we can provide selected services for specific areas, such as facility management or human resources support services. In addition, S&R Management Services has extensive experience with the development and repositioning of new and existing seniors’ communities.


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